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SPOT Connect


No cell signal? No problem! The award-winning SPOT Connect turns today's leading smartphones and mobile devices like iPad into a satellite communicator. SPOT Connect provides connectivity to global communication satellites for sending location-based custom messages from remote regions around the world even far beyond cellular coverage.

A Basic Service Satellite Subscription is required to use SPOT Connect. SPOT Connect utilizes proven SPOT technology to notify others of one's GPS location coordinates and current status. By sending a message to the satellite network, the user's selected contacts will receive a custom Type and Send or Predefined message delivered as an SMS text message or email. SPOT Connect messages contain the user's latitude and longitude, date, time stamp and a link to Google Maps™. Established SPOT message features include Check-in/OK, Help, SPOT Assist, SOS and automated Track Progress. By simply downloading the SPOT Connect App, SPOT Connect wirelessly synchs via Bluetooth® with Apple® iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or with many Android devices. The SPOT satellite message features are initiated directly from the app's intuitive user interface.

Custom messages can now be composed and sent on-the-go. Store up to 14 Predefined messages and 10 personal contact groups consisting of up to 50 contacts each. Additionally, the SPOT Connect App enables non-GPS enabled mobile devices to act as a satellite messenger utilizing SPOT Connect's onboard GPS and satellite transmitter. You can even send location-based messages to Facebook, Twitter and SPOT Adventures from isolated regions such as mountainous terrain and areas off-shore. In a critical emergency, the message SOS mode will notify an international emergency response center of your location and need for immediate help.

Managing Your SPOT Connect: Once your subscription is activated at, you will have your own on-line account to manage optional services, personal contacts, messages and emergency information. The first time you use SPOT Connect, you'll need to log into the SPOT Connect app to sync your account information with the app. Other changes you perform within the account will be pushed to the smartphone app when you are within cellular or Wi-Fi range. For more product information, click here. For more information on the SPOT Connect App and smartphone compatibility, be sure to visit

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